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A Tale of Two Venues

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Spring Art Show a Notable Success

The first weekend of the Monson Arts Council’s Spring Art Show is in the books, and was a triumphant success. For the first time, the show was divided between two neighboring venues: the House of Art, its traditional home, and Memorial Hall. Though this was done to accommodate the traditional number of works without using the second floor of the House of Art, the result is the feeling of an expanded show, as was remarked on by more than one visitor. The split also allowed the designers to separate the sales gallery (in the HOA) from the reception table (MH) which eliminated what has been a source of congestion in the past.

The installation in Memorial Hall required the acquisition and use of freestanding display panels, a major effort which will reap benefits for years to come. The distribution of the panels throughout the space has a significant additional benefit: a new way of experiencing the space in which the art was displayed. As a visitor navigated among the panel clusters, each vista was new and dynamic, totally different from the experience in the galleries at the House of Art.

Apart from the new experience of art which the show offers, it is a great success in its own right. The quality of the work is as high as it always is. The award winners are exceptional and truly deserving. A new standard has already been set for sales on the first weekend, both from the displayed work and the sales gallery.

The second weekend (of three) of the show is now upon us. If you have not yet had an opportunity to visit the show, you should make every effort to attend.


2 responses to “A Tale of Two Venues”

  1. Maureen Solomon says:

    Note re panels in Memorial Hall ….funding from the Walsh Foundation in memory of Sylbia Pyzocha..

  2. Melissa says:

    Who one Peoples Choice ?

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