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Art show to use two venues

Preparations are under way for the 2023 Spring Art show, put on each year by the Monson Arts Council.  The dates of the show are the weekends of April 15 thru April 30, with postcards to go out to past exhibitors in the next few days.  For details of the show and how to enter, click here:

Normally on display only in the House of Art, this year the show will be extended to a second venue, Memorial Hall.  This reflects the fact that the second floor of the House of Art is closed to the public, reducing its available hanging space to only the first floor galleries.

In order to transform the auditorium in Memorial Hall into a gallery space for the duration of the show, the MAC is producing a flexible system of display panels which will be storable and usable in multiple locations.  Reed Coles, our Jack of All Trades, is currently designing and assembling the system. $3000 from the Sylvia Pyzocha Fund will be used to cover the cost of the system.

Watch this space for more posts on the upcoming Spring Show!


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