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Spring Art Exhibition – Entry Guidelines


  • We welcome work in every medium in the following Categories.
    • Photograph/Video
    • Painting
    • Multi Dimensional Art – Including Fiber Arts
    • Graphic Arts/Mixed Media – including drawing, printmaking, collage, etc
      (Select the category which best suits your particular piece of artwork)
  • Entries must be:
    • originated by the artist, entered under their own name.
    • completed within the past 3 years
    • not previously exhibited in a Monson Arts Council juried show
    • Artwork must be for sale:
      • The commission on sales is 20%.
      • The Monson Arts Council Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.
        All commissions will be considered as donations to MAC and may be tax deductible.  
  • Selected artwork:
    • Monson Arts Council may print an image of your artwork in our Show Program and may request use of an image of your work to promote the art exhibition. Your artwork, if so used, will be credited to you. 
    • Artwork will remain in exhibit until the closing time of the last day of the show.


  • Up to 3 pieces of artwork may be entered. 
  • See Main Exhibition page or Application Forms for entry fee schedule.
  • Payment may be made by:
    • Credit Card or PayPal when using the Online Entry Form.
  • Provide details of your artwork:    
    • Submit details using Online entry form
  • Provide jpg images of your artwork
    • Use the File Drop Box during Online entry

See also: Guidelines for Hanging and Digital Image Preparation


The jurors will select the artwork to be displayed in the show. The list of SELECTED artwork will be displayed on the MAC Website no later than the posted Notification Day.  We strive to get the results posted as soon after the jury process as possible which may be a few days prior to this date.


Artwork which has been selected by the jurors should be prepared according to the Hanging Guidelines and delivered on the delivery day (specified on the main Exhibition page).


  • Artists are responsible for prompt pickup of work at the end of the show or on the Pickup Day. 
  • There is a $10/week charge for all art not picked up on schedule.
  • Any artwork not picked up after 60 days will become the property of the Monson Arts Council.
  • Artwork may not be removed from the show during the exhibit.

You may send a representative to pick up or deliver artwork. Receipt or letter with ID, signed by the artist will be required for pick-up.

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