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Building Use Guidelines

Monson Arts Council—House of Art Building Use Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established for successful use of the House of Art for artistic meeting, gallery shows, and special events by organizations and individuals. Guidelines are just that. Modifications may be made depending on current situation of MAC (Monson Arts Council), the HofA (House of Art), and meeting planner/user, any approved modifications will be in writing .

Overview: All charges are considered meeting fees. This includes use of the rooms as galleries or spaces for booths. 

Due to cost of heating, rooms would be available from mid-April — as soon after spring art show as possible — until November 1st at a “non-heating rate” and from November 1 until March 1 (when planning for Spring show is underway) at a premium rate.

Weekend Rates

Meeting Fee: House rate: $100 for First Floor and $75 for 2nd floor (optional, depending on whether the rooms will be used) and will include Friday nights through Sunday nights. Premium fee is an additional $25/day in winter season to cover heating

Meeting Fee: Single Room Rate: Non-heating season – $30, Heating season – $55.* *If user chooses to meet in Reception Room, which can be closed off with curtains and heated with space heater – $30

Monson Arts Council reserves right to meet in the HofA during such weekly use, on those occasions when there is no conflict of purpose with meeting user.

Weekly Rates

House of Art may be used for Gallery Space or Weekly Workshops/Meetings. Any request requiring meeting use longer than two weeks at a time may be reviewed by MAC Board prior to commitment. 

Weekly Meeting Fee: $200 for First Floor and $125 for 2nd Floor.

Other terms may be worked out with MAC Board in individual situations: the following examples represent a typical situation.

For example: Use of the rooms as galleries with sales: a 20% commission may be charged by MAC, with no additional rental fee. All other terms would be the same.

In situations where heavy use will be made of the House and items will be sold to the public, MAC will negotiate a reimbursement solution for use of the rooms which could include a 10% commission plus a meeting fee.

Responsibilities of Meeting Space User

  1. User will leave the house in order:
    • Floors to be left in a broom-swept condition. 
    • Thermostat to be turned down to 55 degrees. 
    • Kitchen utensils and dishes to be cleaned.
    • No items should be left behind in the rooms.
    • No tape will be used on the walls. Wall putty may be used in small amounts and  removed w/o damage to walls, floor or pedestals.
    • Trash cans must be emptied and trash disposed of.
    • When using portable heater, plug the heater into the raised outlet (on the baseboard), not the one above it that is flush to the wall
    • Never leave the heater plugged in when the house is empty. Please double check before leaving the room that is heated with the portable device.
  2. Monson Arts Council reserves the right to retain a cleaning service if use results in that requirement and user will be charged for that service.
  3. Deposit: For weekend or weekly meetings, a check made out the Monson Arts Council in the amount of $150 will be required as a deposit for potential damage to the house, or need to retain a cleaning service. The check will not be cashed unless such damage occurs, and would be returned to the user following a closing inspection of the HofA. Such inspection will be necessary upon return of the House Key at end of meeting session.

Responsibilities of Monson Arts Council

  1. A Monson Arts Council representative will be assigned to every individual/group using the HofA as a contact person to provide information, keys, alarm passwords and make any necessary arrangements.
  2. Monson Arts Council will provide rooms which are clean and orderly. The kitchen and bathroom will be clean and useable.
  3. Necessary paper items will be provided.
  4. Representative will be present at close of meeting/event to collect key and conduct inspection of premises.

Event Promotion

The Monson Arts Council supports all the forms of art which may take place in the House of Art. We will do our best to offer promotion for special art events, which take place here, as follows:

  • Distribution of up to ten posters in Monson, to be provided by the meeting planner.
  • Publication about event on our website and our FaceBook page, as soon as the necessary digital information is provided to our volunteers. This would include digital post, dates, imagery, contact information, etc.
  • Keep in mind these activities involve MAC volunteers. All other event promotion will be the responsibility of the meeting space user.
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