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Theatre Producer’s Role

The Producer shall:

  • Manage the Production Budget:
    • Work with the Theater Committee and the Directorial staff to create the production budget
    • Work with the Directorial and Stage Management staff to oversee the budget
    • Get theater committee approval on any major changes to the budget
    • Follow appropriate protocols for spending and reimbursement
    • Will arrange reimbursements and bill payments in a timely fashion using appropriate forms and processes
  • Oversee Communications:
    • Provide regular updates to the MAC Theater Committee
      • Status of production
      • Status of budget
      • Staff issues
      • Technical Issues
    • Represents MAC rules and protocols to staff and performers
    • Set up communication channels for the production
    • Liaise with the venue for scheduling
  • Identify and engage technical staff as follows:
    • Technical Production Staff
      • Set Designer
      • Master Builder
      • Lights
      • Sound
      • Stage Crew
      • Props 
      • Costumes
      • Make Up
    • House Staff
      • House Manager 
      • Tickets
      • Concessions
      • Ushers
      • Program
    • Public Relations
      • Publicity
      • Advertising
      • Grant Writing
      • Underwriting/Sponsorship
  • Ensure safe-working practices
  • Develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships and communications with all
  • Working with the Director’s vision, determine the necessary technical support, such as lighting, sound, staging, and special needs
  • Have regular production meetings
  • Work to ensure a positive, healthy experience in all aspects of the production

Depending on the production, this role may have a stipend.

We encourage anyone interested in producing with little or no experience to apply when they feel they have the ability to meet the above criteria. This can also be a shared role with “co-producers”.

Please contact with any questions. Please see the volunteer section of the website for current openings.

If interested in a role please send your resume to In the subject, please reference the role you are interested in.

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