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Theatre Director’s Role

The Director shall:

  • Set the vision for the production
  • Interpret the script
  • Work with the Producer, Stage Manager, and Directorial staff to:
    • Prepare and conducts auditions
    • Cast the production
    • Schedule rehearsals
  • Collaborate with the Producer, Stage Manager, Directorial staff, and Technical Leads to bring the vision to life
  • Work with the Set Designer to have a basic floor plan prior to rehearsals beginning
  • Guide the performers in their work during rehearsals:
    • Block the production.  This will be prepared before rehearsal time
    • Character development
    • Provides constructive notes at end of rehearsals
  • Work to ensure a positive, healthy experience in all aspects of the production
  • Be required to attend the first performance of the production
  • Be available and participate if needed, during the full run of the production performances if any urgent matters arise regarding the production, including stepping in for a character in an emergency, if deemed appropriate by the MAC Theatre Committee.

Depending on the production, this role may have a stipend.

We encourage directors with little or no experience to apply when they feel they have a vision and the ability to meet the above criteria and bring a performance to life.

Please contact with any questions. Please see the volunteer section of the website for current openings.

If interested in a role please send your resume to In the subject, please reference the role you are interested in.

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