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A Triumphant Return

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MAC Theater blossoms on the Memorial Hall Stage

“Steel Magnolias” is now in the books as the most recent in a long line of Monson Arts Council productions put on in Memorial Hall.  The production was a triumph on many levels, not least in the quality of the production itself and the enthusiasm of the audience over the four days of the run.  This is the moment to sit back and bask in the glow of a solid accomplishment, thanks to many folks who pitched in.  There should be a special shout out to the newly reformed theater committee, which can take primary credit for a job well done.

The cast of the production is equally deserving of a shout out. They turned in four masterful performances, winning over the audience on each of the four days of the run.  They made the unique collection of characters come alive, carrying off both the comedy and the tragedy is consummate professional fashion.  One hopes to see all of them back in future productions on this stage.

The Ensemble

Credit should be given to Raymond Possick, the director, for bringing so much effort and professionalism to his task.  To be both the director of the production and chairman of the theater committee that produced it is indeed its own triumph.

Trudy and Anelle
Shelby and her Mother

The strike of the set was likewise a triumph in its own right, everything removed from the hall after the last performance, comfortably before supper.  There is work to do sorting through the detritus still gathered behind the House of Art, but that process is already under way.

The next goal of the committee is to form a play reading group to help identify candidates for upcoming productions.  If you have any interest in being involved in this process, you can express it in a comment to this post.


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