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Auditions at the Monson Arts Council

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The Monson Arts Council (MAC) will be holding auditions for the July 2024 presentation of “The Radio Play Disaster” by Don Zolidis. Auditions will be held at Monson Memorial Hall on Thursday, May 9th and Monday, May 13th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. There are 13 roles to fill.

For more audition information and rehearsal schedule see the MAC website at:

We are open to all gender and body types and all identities. We welcome diversity and would love to add some color to our cast! We will work around costume issues in regards to wigs, size, and modesty. Please don’t be afraid to come audition.

About the play: Self-proclaimed genius Harlan Bean is ready to make history with his science-fiction radio masterpiece Battle of the Planets. But when the broadcast is in the hands of an ambitious actress with her own vision for her character, several terrified last-minute replacements jumping in, and a disgruntled sound engineer out for revenge, the mayhem in the studio makes an alien invasion look like a piece of cake. Radio goes hilariously off the rails in this flexible piece.


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