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MAC Prize for Monson Shines awarded

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Once again, for the third year, the Monson Arts Council has awarded a prize for the “Monson Shines” Christmas decorating contest.  The category is “Most Artistic”, with a prize award of $50.  Allyssa Grinnell of the MAC board was joined by her friend Ishika Patel to judge the award winner.

The prize for most artistic was awarded to Michael Turgeon of 11 Longview Drive.  Michael was awarded the $50 prize by Allyssa in a ceremony at his house on New Year’s eve day.  Michael returned the check as a donation to the Monson Arts Council, so there were multiple winners!


2 responses to “MAC Prize for Monson Shines awarded”

  1. richard swiatlowski says:

    you should have shown a picture of his decorations

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