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Monson Mural Being Installed!

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If you have been in downtown Monson this week, you may have noticed unusual activity in the alley between Adams supermarket and Beths’s restaurant. There is a new mural currently being installed on the back wall of the supermarket. It is entitled “Monson: Past, Present and Future” and is full of detail which any Monsonite will recognize.

The mural is the culmination of a long process. It is funded by a grant to the town for the revitalization of Main St, a grant which also is responsible for the new planters which can be seen along the street. A committee of townsfolk selected the current design from among eleven submissions. Though the Monson Arts Council was not directly involved in the process, members of the MAC board of directors were among those on the selection committee.

The mural is now substantially in place. Over the next weeks that artists will be finishing the detailed painting, and the sealing the surface against the weather.


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