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The Monson Arts Council Craft Fair Sings!

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The Monson Arts Council’s 43rd Annual Holiday Craft Fair is in the books!   This year the fair was one of the better fairs ever.  Saturday was the nicer of the two days, and the crowds at the fair were unparalleled, leading many crafters to their best sales day ever.  Buyers were out in force and ready to spend on the wide range of hand-crafter items available.  The Monson Arts Council itself had a brisk traffic at their own booth, ending the weekend with $480 brought in for their raffle prize of scratch tickets.

Saturday ended with another notable success. Every year, a Girl Scout Carol Sing takes place in front of Memorial Hall at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, preceding Santa’s arrival on a fire truck at approximately 4:30 p.m.  This year the sing was participated in more widely by children and adults alike, both those who joined the girl scouts on the steps of Memorial Hall, and in the very considerable throng which filled the open space in front of the hall.  This was truly a community participatory event in a way it has seldom been in the past.

The crafters have almost all signed up to return next year, delighted with the fair and their financial success.  The annual fair is a major fundraiser for the Monson Arts Council as well as several other non-profit groups which take booths in the fair. The two churches which are among the four buildings hosting the fair also receive a portion of the fees earned by their venue.


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  1. Emily Boilard says:

    Could I get in for a table? How much and dates please?

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